Stormwater Management BMP Feasibility Study

George, Miles and Buhr, LLC (GMB) was hired by the Town of Ocean City Engineering Department to identify locations where Stormwater Management Best Management Practices (BMP’s) could be installed that would provide the greatest benefit to the Town.

The purpose of the feasibility report was to evaluate and select suitable BMPs, select specific locations, make general recommendations, coordinate with proprietary suppliers, prioritize BMP installation, coordinate with the Town, provide conceptual design for installation, provide a permitting analysis, provide cost estimates for construction, and to provide an operation and maintenance overview.

The primary focus of the study was to provide the Town of Ocean City with cost effective BMP retrofit recommendations aimed at reducing primary pollutants such as trash, nutrients, metals, sediment, and oils from entering the Town’s receiving waters through existing storm drain networks.  Through meetings with the Town Engineering staff, it was determined that the highest priority would be placed on reduction of trash and nutrients to existing outfalls at dead end canals as well as other areas specifically identified for improvements and/or upgrades.

In addition to the general BMP recommendations, a list of eight (8) potential BMP retrofit locations were selected, with appropriate and cost effective retrofit options identified for each location.