Showell School Sewer and Water Connection

GMB was hired in 2009 by Worcester County Commissioners for the design of a sewer and water connection from the Showell Elementary School to the existing Ocean Pines system.  The water design consisted of installing approximately 4,900 ft. of water main via open cut and directional drill.  Hydrants and associated gate valves were installed along the length of the water main.  The sewer design included design of a sewage pump station located on the school property, force main and gravity sewer from the elementary school to the onsite pump station.  

The sewage pump station consisted of a six foot diameter precast wet well, two 5 HP submersible pumps, flow meter, digital flow recorder, bypass connection, hoist, emergency generator and wet well supply fan.  A precast valve vault was installed to house plug valves and check valves.  A precast meter vault houses the flow meter.  The associated force main was approximately 4,500 ft. installed via open cut and directional drill.  The sewage collected from the elementary school is pumped and discharged to an existing pump station located in Ocean Pines.  The pump station is provided with a SCADA system which monitors and controls the sewage station and sends all control signals to the main control center at the Ocean Pines Wastewater Treatment Plant.  A fence was installed along the perimeter of the pump station for security. 

Following design, GMB was responsible to see the project through construction administration (CA) and inspection.  Services consisted of shop drawing reviews, addressing Contractor questions, review and approval of monthly payment requisitions, monthly progress meetings, as-built drawings, daily inspection, punch list generation, pump station startup, and operation and maintenance manual review.