Seaford Volunteer Fire Department

In 2004, The Seaford Volunteer Fire Department commissioned a study of the existing physical conditions and state of code compliance of the combined fire hall and municipal building to be used as a platform for the design of the future takeover of the whole building for SVFD operations and related functions.

The recommendations identified major physical, public health and building code deficiencies which would be corrected along with, or prior to, a major renovation.  The idea was to establish the minimum standards for occupying the building as it was now configured according to current code as if the building was being built today.  Changes in technology and building codes since the building was originally built suggested that the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department should strongly consider updating the building to make it safer to occupants according to today’s life safety standards, where practical.

Under Phase 1 (2005), GMB prepared performance specifications and concept drawings for the renovation of the existing second floor banquet hall.

Under Phase 2 (2006), GMB prepared a design/build package for the overall upgrade plan, suitable for requesting proposals from design/build contractors.  Work is generally in the old City Hall side of the facility with some HVAC and architectural work extending into the engine bays and recreational room.

Under Phase 3 (2007-2008), GMB prepared a design/build package for the remaining areas including the upgrade of EMS, recreation, engine bays and banquet lobby/kitchen. This final phase of construction was completed in spring 2009.