“Safe Routes to School” Project Salisbury Middle School

Salisbury Middle School is a school with grades 6-8 and a total of 923 students.  Prior to this project, there were no continuous sidewalks on any of the county roads surrounding the school.  The Wicomico County Roads Division and the County Council had received many complaints from area residents concerned about the safety of their children. The primary objective of the improvements was to establish a safe walking route to Salisbury Middle School by reducing the potential for collisions with vehicle/pedestrian traffic.

The project consisted of designing 25,375 square feet of concrete sidewalk and 2,345 linear feet of curb, supplemented with 48 ADA compliant access and crosswalks on the following roads:

  • Cornish Street – Sidewalk only (curb existing)
  • Ellington Street – Combination sidewalk/curb
  • Morris Street – Combination sidewalk and curb as well as a crosswalk
  • Price Road – Combination sidewalk and curb and a crosswalk
  • Jersey Road – Sidewalk (curb existing) and crosswalks
  • Lake Street – Sidewalk and a crosswalk.
  • Trinity Drive – Crosswalk
  • Olivia Street – Combination sidewalk/curb
  • East Road – Combination sidewalk/curb
  • West Road – Sidewalk only (curb existing)
  • Arthur Street – Combination sidewalk and curb

GMB provided full civil engineering design and permitting services for this important project.