Pump Station NO. 24 Modifications

Sussex County, Delaware developed a Pump Station Improvement Program with the aim of converting nine (9) existing wet well/dry well pump stations into wet well pump stations.  The aging dry well infrastructure was a matter of concern on the grounds for safety of personnel and manpower considerations when the pumps needed to be serviced.   

Pump Station No. 24 was the first pump station proposed to undergo modification from dry well to wet well pump configuration. 

GMB’s design of Pump Station No. 24 included:

  1. Traffic Control
  2. Bypass Pumping
  3. Easement Acquisition Assistance
  4. Demolition
  5. Concrete Testing and Rehab
  6. Converting the wet pit into a submersible pump wet well
  7. Converting the dry pit into a valve vault
  8. Selection of new pumps to meet ultimate demands
  9. Restoration of areas disturbed by construction
  10. Basic Electrical

Construction of the pump station was completed within 45 days