Naylor Mill Road Regional Lift Station

The City of Salisbury hired George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (GMB), for the design of a new regional sewage lift station to replace the current regional station located at the corner of Naylor Mill Road and N. Salisbury Blvd. The existing station was constructed in 1988 and had reached the end of its useful life in terms of the condition of current equipment but also in the station’s capacity. Future development in the area could not proceed until the lift station had been upgraded. This project replaced dilapidated equipment, provided an emergency back up generator to comply with MDE regulations and allowed for additional capacity to serve future projects.

Preliminary analysis of the sewer shed consisted of flow monitoring at two manholes located upstream of the existing station.  Flow monitoring provides the most accurate means to determine existing flows.  Flow data was collected in 15-minute intervals over a period of four months in each manhole.  Hydrographs of the monthly flow patterns were created from the collected flow data to determine the overall trend and flow pattern through each manhole.  Further analysis looked at rainfall events over the monitoring period to determine infiltration and inflow (I/I) conditions in the sewer shed.  From the collected data and analysis conclusions were drawn on the existing flow into the station and determination on the total amount of flow contributed from each upstream manhole.

In addition, the project relocated the lift station to a more accessible location. Previously the lift station was located at the end of a privately owned field and at a low elevation subject to flooding.   The regional lift station is arguably the 3rd largest in the City, supporting a large portion of the City’s commercial and industrial tax base.

This project was funded by a $2,756,400.00 zero-interest loan from the Maryland Department of the Environment, using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 money.