Lewes Yacht Club Marina Improvements

The Lewes Yacht Club was founded in 1932 in a beautiful location at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. The busy marina is comprised of 70 boat slips. In 2008, GMB was asked to provide structural engineering services for a new bulkhead, breakwater, and boat ramp design, to include the following:

Design of a replacement bulkhead / wave attenuators on the north side of the    property. Preliminary designs for various bulkhead framing options include vinyl sheeting, timber sheeting, and different wale configurations.

Design of a boat ramp at the south end of the property. The boat ramp is to be cast in place concrete.

Design of a replacement bulkhead on the south side of the boat ramp adjacent to the existing residence.

Design of a replacement wave attenuator bulkhead at the north side of the boat ramp. Proposed framing options included a double vertical pile system, as there is no tieback.