Lewes Beachside & Cityside Streets Revitalization

GMB coordinated the design and construction of five (5) Lewes-maintained streets at different locations throughout the City; each receiving a different pavement system and each with its own particular challenges and goals.  GMB facilitated meetings with the City’s Capital Project Committee and meetings with residents of the various streets to be addressed, other project stakeholders, and the general public.  The purpose of those meetings was to present the current design and gather new ideas, needs and goals from the interested people.  This iterative process allowed GMB to design and create construction documents that ultimately met the goals of the City, residents of the affected neighborhoods, commercial interests, and public education needs.

  • Bayview Avenue received 1,510 square yards of a porous asphalt system consisting of a GMB-created porous pavement section and specification.
  • The project provided ADA-compliant pedestrian improvements at Bayview Avenue, Anglers Road, and Sussex Drive.
  • Sussex Drive was re-built in coordination with a DelDOT Safe Routes to Schools project, the two (2) projects combining to produce a safer, more effective path for pedestrians and students arriving at the Shields Elementary School and those traveling back and forth between the two (2) discrete School facilities.
  • A safer pedestrian access was created from Savannah Road (Route 9) to the end of Anglers Road – eliminating a previously unsafe condition whereby pedestrians walked in the street to reach various commercial and residential locations. This facilitation of pedestrian access to the commercial establishments will also improve the overall economic performance of the corridor.
  • The project eliminated extensive stormwater ponding at Bayview Avenue. Previously, drainage was directed to several infiltration basins that failed to perform even under light storm events.  In addition, the project improved the stormwater drainage on Anglers Road by properly collecting runoff from the entire street length and discharging it into an improved catch basin and drainage outlet system that was also part of the project.
  • The project eliminated old, galvanized water service piping on Bayview Avenue, replacing them with modern polyethylene plastic water service piping.
  • The project saved the City approximately $380,000 through the use of innovative paving processes at Beach Plum Place and Bay Breeze Estates.

This project received a 2017 Engineering Excellence Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Delaware.