Lewes Asset Management Program

GMB is currently providing engineering consulting services related to the Lewes Board of Public Works’ Asset Management Program, in support of their 5-year State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environment Control (DNREC) Environmental Finance Section grant and their 5-year State of Delaware Office of Drinking Water grant. GMB is working closely with the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC) on the GIS portion of this effort. GMB is assisting with both the wastewater and water asset management plan development including:
 Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment
 GIS Mapping:
 Working with ESRGC to create a comprehensive spatial database. Tasks include:
• Scan as-builts
• Geo-reference/spatially adjust maps & drawings
• Index maps & drawings
• Digitize water, sewer, stormwater, & electrical systems, and tax parcel boudaries
 Vertical Asset Inventory:
 27 Lift Stations
 Seymour Water Reclamation Facility
 5 Water Wells
 Water Treatment Facility
 Elevated Water Storage Tank
 System Inventory Worksheets
 Development of Level of Service Statements
 Assessment of Asset Criticality
 Life Cycle Cost Analyses
 Long-Term Funding Plan
 Preparation of Reports required by the grants