Laurel RT. 13 Water & Sewer Extension

GMB was hired in 2010 by the Town of Laurel, DE to design an extension of sewer and water services to the intersections of Route 13 / Route 9 and Route 13 / 468 for commercial and residential properties within or surrounding the existing Town corporate boundaries.  Funding for this project was attained through pursuing grant and loan assistance from USDA Rural Development (RD).  As part of the funding qualifications, GMB initially applied for and received a Preliminary Planning Grant (PPG) from USDA-RD to complete a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Environmental Report (ER) on the proposed project.  Review and approval of the PER and ER was completed by December 2010 and design of the Laurel Highway Corridor Water and Sewer Extension project began in January 2011.  The project was divided into two phases; Phase 1 consisting of the Route 13/ Route 9 intersection.  USDA-RD secured funding for the Phase 1 project, which began construction in 2013. The Laurel Highway Corridor Water and Sewer Extension- Phase 1 design consists of a new regional pump station and a 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank located on Route 9 east of Route 13.  In addition the project will comprise of 6030 ft. gravity sewer, extension of 9360 ft. water main, 4460 ft. of 8-inch force main, and installation of a low pressure sewer system to serve surrounding Town parcels which could not be reached by the proposed gravity sewer.  The pump station consists of a ten (10) ft. square precast wet well with two (2) 25 Hp submersible pumps on variable frequency drives, flow meter, comminutor, bypass connection, hoist, emergency generator, wet well supply fan and a carbon odor control unit.  A precast valve vault will be installed to house the check valves, gate valves, and flow meter.  The odor control unit and electrical controls will be housed an onsite building.   The design also consists of several directional drill and jack and bore pipe installations under Route 13 and along Georgetown Rd and Route 9. The elevated water tower was designed to provide the Town with additional volume and fire storage to serve the future service area.  Altitude valves are designed to control the pressure difference between the existing Town water towers and proposed tower.  In addition, a chlorination and mixing system is designed to maintain the water quality due to the towers location in respect to existing Town wells and storage. Both the pump station and water tower will be controlled by a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) connected to a SCADA system for monitoring.  Alarms and standard operation parameters will be controlled and monitored by each associated RTU.  Communication of the systems will also be monitored and controlled by the Town’s master SCADA unit located at the Laurel Wastewater Treatment Plant.