Infrastructure Asset Management Program

GMB is currently providing engineering services required for the development of an Asset Management Plan for the City of Seaford’s water and wastewater infrastructure, in accordance with grant applications filed with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control (DNREC) and the Office of Drinking Water (ODW). GMB is working closely with the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC) on the GIS portion of this effort.

GMB’s services included:
 Asset Inventory and Condition Assessment
a. GIS Mapping
b. Vertical Assets Inventory
Water System
i. Well / Water Pump Stations (5 total)
ii. Elevated Water Storage Tanks (4 total)
Wastewater System
iii. Lift Stations (14 total)
iv. Wastewater Treatment Facilities (14 process tanks, 8 pump sets)
v. Biosolids Composting Facilities
c. System Inventory Worksheets
 Level of Service Statements
 Asset Criticality Assessment
 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
 Long-Term Funding Plan
 Report Preparation / Public Presentation
The water and sewer inventory was completed in 2018. The next phase will include stormwater inventory, which will be used to meet requirements of a soon-to-be permitted MS4 jurisdiction. This effort will involve field collection of GPS data points for all stormwater outfalls and catch basins.