Grace United Methodist Church Repairs

In the spring of 2002, the northern dormer on the steeple of the Church blew off due to a storm.  GMB was hired to investigate the cause for the dormer separating from the steeple and any necessary repairs that needed to be made.  From our investigation, we found that water had been penetrating into the steeple causing water damage to the wood structural members inside the steeple and also damage to the connections securing the dormers to the steeple.  It was decided that the steeple needed to be repaired and that the existing dormers be removed and new prefabricated aluminum dormers with copper cladding be installed in their place.

GMB prepared a plan showing the repairs necessary including replacement of specific wood structural members, repair of existing structural members and replacement of existing exterior sheathing.  We also included a set of specifications for the contractor to follow.  Construction was performed in 2005 and conformed to Maryland Historical Trust standards.