Front Street and Savannah Road Water & Sewer Improvements

GMB assisted the Lewes Board of Public Works (BPW) with a project to upgrade its capacity to collect wastewater flows from the cityside of Lewes.  Approximately 800-feet of existing 15-inch clay sanitary sewer pipe was replaced with new 18-inch PVC pipe, and 490-feet of existing 18-inch clay pipe was lined trenchlessly.  Additionally, existing iron water mains were replaced with 12-inch PVC pipe improving system hydraulics and eliminating aging pipe.  The work was completed on Front Street – in the downtown business district – requiring communication with businesses and complete renovation/beautification to the Front Street corridor.

This project was conceptually large by upsizing BPW sewer and water infrastructure to handle project sewage flows and water demand, while involving a multitude of small details to minimize disruption and creating a safe work environment.  The BPW addressed undersized gravity sewer – decreasing infiltration-inflow and adding capacity to process wastewater from their Service Area.  The project required coordination addressing goals of disparate stakeholders – City, BPW, residents, merchants, other construction projects, and approval agencies.

GMB assisted the BPW in accomplishing its goals below budget and within schedule.

This project received a 2021 Engineering Excellence Conceptor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Delaware.