Easton Elks Lodge #1622

The non-profit Elks Lodge #1622 commissioned a study of the existing physical conditions and state of code compliance of the 1940’s era main lodge building and the swimming pool bathhouse, to assist the Elks organization in determining the practicality of continuing to occupy and operate the existing facility, or to spur alternate considerations of building a newer state-of-the-art facility. 

The recommendations identified major physical, public health and building code deficiencies which would be corrected along with, or prior to, a major renovation.  The idea was to establish the minimum standards for occupying the building as it was now configured according to current code as if the building was being built today. 

The evaluation and final report included investigations of existing physical conditions, structural deficiencies, building code and handicapped accessibility (ADA) compliance, state of operational repair of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems, and an asbestos/lead paint survey.

A summary of estimated costs was prepared, and work efforts were prioritized to identify items requiring urgent attention against others which could be deferred to be done in 5-year increments of time.