Charles H. Chipman Cultural Center

“Built in 1838, the Chipman Center is the oldest standing African-American church on Delmarva. It occupies the site of a former open meadow where slaves gathered for worship. A plain one-story structure was built in 1838 for religious services and a day school. The church was identified as the African Methodist Church and informally known as the “Hill Church” or “Church on the Hill.” The building was eventually expanded, and incorporated in 1876. Eventually the property was abandoned as a church, but educators Charles and Jeanette Chipman purchased the property and deeded it to the Newtown Association. Currently, visitors can enjoy the varierty of educational displays and cultural events highlighting our area’s rich African-American Heritage.”

Working for both the City of Salisbury and the Chipman Foundation, GMB provided structural services to determine the cause of settlement on the first and second floor.  From our investigations, bid packages were prepared and submitted to the City of Salisbury for bidding.  The project is currently in the bidding phase.

GMB worked with the City and the Chipman Foundation to Secure approvals from the Salisbury Historic District and Maryland Historical Trust.  GMB also assisted the City to secure a Legacy grant for funding of the repairs.