GMB Hosts Engineering Symposium for Wicomico County Students

GMB hosted an Engineering Career Symposium for 19 Wicomico County high school freshmen on February 24th, in conjunction with national Engineers Week.  The students are currently enrolled in “Introduction to Engineering”, which is part of a four-year WCBOE engineering program track.

At GMB, students gained real-world knowledge from seven professionals who spoke about their specialties in the A/E field, including municipal engineering, “green”/sustainable design, structural engineering, architecture, and geographic information systems (GIS). The speakers aimed to show students how engineering touches their lives every day, and how rewarding a career in the field can be.

The students also participated in several hands-on activities as part of the program.  For the “Beam Challenge”, students were broken into teams and tasked with building a structural beam using only strips of foam insulation and roofing nails.  The winning team’s beam supported the most weight, with the least deflection, for the lowest cost.  Other activities included the demonstration of porous pavement and making a chair using only 4 magazines and a flat circular piece of wood.

GMB is thankful for the opportunity to show our future generation of engineers how they can impact the world through this career path.

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