Morris Mill Water Distribution System

The United Stated Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA-RD) is providing federal loan and grant funding to Wicomico County for the Morris Mill Water Distribution System. In fall of 2013 drinking wells in the Morris Mill and Coulbourne Mill Road areas were tested for trichloroethylene (TCE) which is an industrial solvent used to remove grease from metals and used in production of other chemicals or products. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) began an area-wide investigation in consultation with the County Health Department, Maryland Department Health and Mental Hygiene, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Several residential drinking wells had detectable levels of TCE.

GMB proposed a project that will provide clean, uncontaminated water to the residents within the Morris Mill area by extending public water from the City of Fruitland with an elevated storage tank and a water distribution system. The existing City of Fruitland water supply is a public drinking water system that is continuously monitored and treated.

The project will connect the Morris Mill area to the existing City distribution system in two (2) places, providing a looped system. The public water supply will include installation of water distribution mains to connect to the City of Fruitland water supply. The water distribution began construction in late fall 2014. An elevated storage tank is being installed in the surrounding area to provide sufficient storage for fire protection, and to maintain adequate pressures to the area. The storage tank is expected began construction in late fall 2014. The project also includes approximately twenty one (21) borings with approximately 327 feet of exploratory drilling and five (5) pavement cores.

This project will alleviate health and sanitary concerns of contaminated residential wells and unsafe drinking water raised by the State and County official. It is estimated that 273 homes will benefit from the new water distribution system providing the Morris Mill Area residents with clean safe drinking water. The MDE is a funding partner in this project.