Architecture Portfolio

Jordan Center

Salisbury, MD GMB worked with Wor-Wic to convert and expand the existing single story campus maintenance building to a state ... more

Seaford City Hall

Seaford, DE Seaford’s former City Hall, located on King Street in Seaford, Delaware, and built in 1960, was extremely outdated ... more

Purnell House

Ocean City, MD The existing Purnell House condominium built in 1981 and located on 61st street in Ocean City Maryland, ... more

Lesotho Children’s Center of Excellence

Lesotho, Africa The first medical center dedicated to caring for HIV/AIDS infected infants and children in Lesotho, Africa opened Thursday, ... more

Private Residence

Ocean City, MD GMB was commissioned to design a new 3 story home for a local attorney in a prestigious ... more

First Shore Federal

Salisbury, MD The First Shore Federal Savings & Loan Association in Salisbury was designed to replace an aging modular building ... more